go on

go on
وَاصَلَ \ carry on: to continue: Carry on with your work.. continue: to go on with (what one has started): The men continued their work (or with their work, or, to work, or, working). go ahead: to go on; make progress: You may go ahead with your plans. go on: (esp. with the -ing form of verbs) to continue: He went on sleeping in spite of the noise. Go on with your work. keep: (with a present participle; often with on) to continue to do sth.; do sth. repeatedly: He kept (on) hitting me. Keep (on) trying till you succeed. keep on: (the same as keep but without the participle) to continue: Keep on till I tell you to stop. maintain: to keep up; continue: The ship maintained a steady speed in spite of the storm. press on: to go on; continue in a determined way: We must press on with our efforts. proceed: to go on: After a short delay, we were able to proceed (on our journey or with our business). pursue: to run after, so as to catch. push on: to hurry on.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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